About Colorado Community Shirts

In response to the recent severe flooding in Northern Colorado, that has stranded hundreds of people and caused untold amounts of damage, the “Colorado Community” T-Shirt drive relief fund has been set up. It is simple enough. You buy a T-Shirt and all the proceeds go towards helping the victims of the floods who have been forced to leave their homes and evacuate in order to stay safe.

Boulder flood relief shirts

We also are selling “Keep Me Dry” dog bandanas. Hundreds of pets have also been affected by the floods, and many are having to stay in shelters and humane societies after their owners were forced to evacuate. All proceeds from the bandanas go towards helping the pets, big and small, who are victims of the storms.


This is a Not-for-Profit mission, each shirt costs 14 dollars to produce, and 11 dollars (all the proceeds) go to the relief efforts of The Foothills Flood Relief Fund and the Boulder Humane Society.

Buy here: http://motfwp.spreadshirt.com/ 


Author note: While this is not about me, my name is Trenton Hoshiko. I am 18 years old and come from Longmont, Colorado but currently reside in Boston. I saw the tragedy taking place in my home and decided that I could try to do something to help. The shirt purchases are through my company’s marketplace on Spreadshirt.com. Spreadshirt handles the orders and shipping so we can focus on getting the word out! Thanks for buying a T-Shirt and supporting the Colorado community. -Trenton


Special thanks to: Payton Peterson (in the field reporting), Nathan Palmer (Designed and Donated T-Shirt Graphics), Kyle Frederick, AJ Carter, Austin Bauman, Alex Hurd, and Sarah Hansen (Assistance and Marketing)


  1. Reply
    Ara September 14, 2013

    Hi Trenton,
    This site looks great. I do have one question– How are you going to decide where to send the money, and how are you going to make sure it gets to the people that need it?

    • Reply
      admin September 14, 2013

      Hello Ara,

      The money will be going to the United Way Foothills Flood Relief Fund. It was one of the first aid organizations to actually show up and start helping out and has been very helpful over the past few days moving people to safety. They were also recommended to me by local media sources and local people of leadership as they were helping directly with relief efforts. I, along with my graphic designer who was very careful when joining the project, made sure the United Way Foothills Flood Relief Fund was going to be helping as many people as possible. At the time of the official design launch they were helping at least 2 different counties and multiple towns with aid and relief efforts. I definitely wanted to make sure the money was going somewhere reputable and trust worthy, and where it would make a difference. Thank you for your interest and I hope you buy a shirt and share the fund campaign with friends!

      Best regards,

      Trenton Hoshiko

  2. Reply
    Kristin September 15, 2013

    Why is the women’s shirt $11.00 more than the men’s shirt?

    • Reply
      admin September 15, 2013

      Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, we were just doing a slight change to the online store and a glitch occurred. We have that fixed now though. Thank you for the notice!

      Best Regards,

      Trenton Hoshiko

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